Decentralization of Credentials: Diplomade

Diplomade provides a state-of-the-art methodology of presenting one’s skills and achievements. By leveraging Blockchain technology, Diplomade ensures trust and integrity when sharing credentials among stakeholders in the job market and other use cases in which one needs to prove their skills and expertise.

Up until now, paper credentials have been the default method of sharing and presenting achievements. Thanks to hard-to-tamper signatures and stamps, it has generally been trusted; however, physical documents can still be duplicated and fraud is still a concern. As a result, this antiquated process needs to be updated for the digital age. Computers and the internet have revolutionized how we socialize, shop, pay, get paid, entertain, and many other things. But still, universities and courses rely on paper credentials as they are seen as the only way to establish trust for the talent assessors. This is prolonged and ineffective in terms of cost compared to all the other parts of our lives that have been revolutionized by computers and the internet. Also, it almost dominates different ways of attaining practical skills such as work experience, courses, and self-learning, which could mean more for a talented assessor than a college diploma.

decentralization of credentials

Why does credential and skill sharing need revolutionizing? 

The reason for this is simple – there has been no simple way of establishing trust in the digital world. For a long time, people thought they could trust billion-dollar companies with their data and information. In fact, many cases have proved that companies or anything humans manage for profit can not be fully trusted. It is never possible to know who has access to the information within that company, who can manipulate it, and who can delete it. There are a lot of bad actors out there looking to exploit vulnerabilities. Plus, fancy-looking papers with the names of the universities we have graduated from are still valued as a physical testament to one’s hard work.

Things are changing however. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto sparked the initial flames of a revolution by bringing trust to the digital world. With the Blockchain technology he introduced, he solved the problem of trust within the digital realm. And he did this to revolutionize a field where trust is accepted as the most critical factor: finance. In the following years, Vitalik Buterin has practically shown the world that this can be generalized to the whole digital world to establish this missing trust. 

Coming back to the topic of digital credentials, this is precisely why we still need to wholly digitalize our skills and credentials. It requires uncompromisable trust to ensure people are not able to commit fraud by faking their achievements. This can be established with the use of blockchain technology. This removes the middleman, gives people the freedom to showcase their skills accurately and thoroughly, and reduces the complexity of issuing credentials to individuals, an inherent error such as typos. This means the skills that people have attained through their hard work and dedication will belong to them and will not require the approval of the institution that has granted it to them in the first place. 

Diplomade is the pioneer that will disrupt the skill economy by leveraging this revolution.

Why do credential and skill sharing lag behind and still need revolutionizing?

How does Diplomade do this? 

Web 3.0 Adoption

To understand why this hasn’t yet been done and why Diplomade is the pioneer, we first need to understand the story of Web 3.0 to date. 

Initially, Bitcoin and Ethereum were seen as remarkable new technologies that primarily interested the “Cypherpunk” community and computer geeks interested in cryptography and distributed computing. Later, after the breakthrough of Ethereum, many cultural impacts have been made. First, tokenization of different solutions in the system to implement income sharing and decentralized democratic organizations in the digital realm were introduced. This caught the attention of the wider public. NFTs have been the latest mass impact of blockchain technology. It has proved that assets online can also be unique by proof based methodology. These sparked the initial years of the mass public’s adoption of digital trust. This is very similar to the earlier days of the internet. 

How does Diplomade offer a seamless and user-friendly solution?

What’s next?

Right now, many people building on blockchain technology are working on different problems that will directly impact the daily lives of everyday people. The challenge is due to the decentralized nature of interacting with Web 3.0. As the system relies on decentralization, this also means that users of the system are responsible for all of the interaction. This brings technical complexities for everyday people and issues related to trust as there is no central authority whom they can ask for help after making a mistake (i.e., sending your bitcoins to the wrong address. After you do it, it’s just gone.) 

Thus, the recent trend has been to tackle these problems and make Web 3.0 solutions seamless and user-friendly. Looking at all the mass adoption of new technologies, one can see that this was possible by making them user-friendly (for example, augmenting computers with Windows and Macintosh). Enhancement of the internet experience through the use of browsers and HTTP.

Thus, one can logically assume the same scenario for Web 3.0 adoption. For a digital world where parties can trust each other, the next step is to provide easy-to-use applications for everyday people. It already solves a significant problem, but it also has to be accessible. So what are we waiting for? Let’s build. 

People work hard, attain skills, and secure opportunities based on their ability to present these skills. Diplomade increases the accuracy of such representation in the job market to reduce friction. Who knows? Maybe one day you can represent every single skill you acquire through reading, doing, speaking, listening etc which will unlock different opportunities for you.

Blockchain and Web 3.0 are going to be the enablers and Diplomade is going to be the pioneer builder of this trust based skill economy and job market.